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Mr. Rizwan Rashid

Our Founder, With the love of public speaking

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Rizwan Rashid ventured into media and now successfully host TV shows and podcasts.

Always believed in stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Because, He feels most people get discouraged in the early stages of their business and career when they compare themselves with Business Tycoons, Celebrities or Iconic Players. Instead, they will get inspiration from someone who in similar circumstances is making it through, wearing the same shoes, walking on the same paths and breathing in the same environment.

Rizwan believes that this is the age of the entrepreneur, and as job security has increasingly become a thing of the past, we have no choice but to become self-reliant. Small business is the foundation of growth in America, and it truly starts with one person, with one vision. …and, with this mission in mind – Canadian Media Production got created.