Outliers Show

A weekly show in which we let our audience meet with an Outlier weekly. An outlier is, who create their OWN path by Capitalizing on their OPPORTUNITIES, whether they came in their way OR they self-created them. We will share their Journey, Wisdom and Takeaways in a 30 min talk. This show is certainly helping our Outliers to establish themselves as an Authority in their fields, creating world-wide reach. This show is featured on Cable TV, Internet TV and Social Media across the GLOBE. Are you an Outlier? Book your Interview

Entrepreneur TV

Entrepreneur TV was produced that featured entrepreneur with their story behind their initiation, creation and continuation of their venture. Our Founder took a personal interest in helping entrepreneurs to find, shape and present their story of passion turning into their Profession. Every week, you will find a new story that fuels your soul with inspiration.

London Living with Rizwan Rashid

A multilingual TV Show is covering stories of Pakistanis living in North America from Social, Religious, Political, Cultural and Entrepreneurial perspective. This show has been very successful in featuring Pakistanis who are making waves with their Passion, Profession and Perspective in the western world. This show has helped many businesses to reach millions of Pakistanis and Canadians with their Products and Services. This show regularly airs on Canada One TV & Rogers TV network every Monday @7pm. Are you a Pakistani Professional or Business Owner and would like to appear on this show? Book Now

Real Estate Edge with Jimmy Singh

A Podcast style interviews featuring our client Jimmy Singh to talk about Real Estate: we researched on market trends and topics for our client and gathered public questions and opinions, which later we record during the show. This podcast enabled him to present himself as an expert in the Real Estate market of South Western Ontario. We also helped in managing Social Media presence. Are you an entrepreneur who wants to showcase your expertise in a professional podcast with support on research and social media content, Book Now

Meet our Founder, Rizwan Rashid – An Award-winning Entrepreneur Coach

Who is on a mission to help Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

Escape Mediocrity and Achieve Excellence

He believes the world needs to hear the stories behind each individual’s passion that has led them from struggles to successes and what keeps them going.